Packing List

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

I thought I'd share how my packing list is looking so far. It seems long, but most of it is small, and I'm still reasonably confident I'll be able to get it all in one bag. Stuff that's italicized is stuff I still have to get. Stuff with question marks is stuff I'm still debating about - is it really necessary? Where possible, I've included links to manufacturer's websites or reviews to show the real item. As always, comments and suggestions are welcome.

Aeronaut with Absolute Shoulder Strap
Aeronaut large packing cube
Convertible Packing Cube/Shoulder Bag
other miscellaneous packing cubes/pouches
Day Pack, Rick Steves Civita
Neck Pouch, Eagle Creek Undercover Silk Neck Pouch
Pacsafe Retract-a-safe 200 Cable Lock
small padlocks to lock zippers on Aeronaut

Lee Valley S-biners (Or some other way to secure luggage zipper tabs together on day pack.)

Pants, dark grey Ex Officio Nomad Pants
Convertible pants (I like these ones from Columbia)
shorts, grey, Golite
? super lightweight "lounge" pants for hanging around in hostels?

t-shirt, light blue, MEC short sleeved v-neck
t-shirt, "juniper" colour Icebreaker Tech T Lite (This shirt is on probation - despite it being merino wool, I still find it itchy on my bare skin.)
long-sleeved t-shirt, dark purple, MEC long sleeved crew neck
? t-shirt for sleeping in (or just use one of the above, or the running shirt below?) ? no-sleeve/tank shirt
short-sleeved collared shirt, tan stripe Tilley Women's Short Sleeved "Cool" Shirt
Long-sleeved collared shirt (I can't believe I haven't found this shirt yet, but EVERY ONE I try has too-short sleeves. Honestly, it's not like I'm an orangutan...)
zip-up wind-stopping fleece, black, by Lolë (It's pretty much like this one.)
waterproof windbreaker jacket, khaki, Sierra Designs Cyclone Parka

running shoes, Mizuno Wave Rider
shoe-packing straps, MEC (for squishing shoes together into the tightest possible space)
everyday shoes, Ecco Xpedition Sayan Lo GTX shoes (made with yak leather!)
sandals, Teva or Chacos

bra x 2
underwear x 3, Icebreaker Hipster (Oddly, the merino wool is fine on my butt, just not on my back.)
socks x 3, beige, Tilley travel socks
gloves, Au Clair Polypro Liners
bathing suit
running long underwear, black (Could this double as the "lounge pants" above, or is that too much like hanging around in my underwear?)

running bra
running shorts
"Canada" running shirt (I thought it would be nice to have something "Canada", and a running shirt seems like a good option.)
running hat (also for all other hat needs)
Polar RS200 Heart rate monitor and speed-and-distance footpod device
SPIbelt - for carrying stuff while running

copies of passport, travel insurance, tickets, prescriptions, ID cards, SERVAS Letter of Introduction, credit cards, spare passport-sized photos for visas, etc...
wallet, All-Ett Original
notebook, Moleskine
pen, Chrome Bullet Space Pen
sharpie marker (For labelling food in communal hostel kitchen.)
book (Whatever I happen to be reading at the time of departure, to be abandoned when complete.)
guide book(s) (not for everywhere -just the first stop or two)
Kwikpoint translator (What a great idea!)

Toiletries kit, Rick Steves, red
Shower caddy, Rick Steves
toothbrush and toothbrush cover
dental floss (also for tough sewing repairs)
ear plugs
eye mask
scrubby washcloth, Body Shop exfoliating skin towel
small quick-dry towel/cloth, BILT
nail clippers

Pack-it Liquid/Gel Set
skin lotion
hair goop/gel
hand sanitizer
Tide-to-go stain remover pen
Refresh Tears saline solution

FIRST AID KIT (research still needs to be done on this)

sink stopper
laundry soap, Sport Suds
travel clothesline, Rick Steves
sewing kit

water bottle, Ultimate Direction Fastdraw Plus Handheld
SteriPEN water purifier and spare batteries
MEC Silk Bag Liner, rectangular
travel towel, MSR Packtowl Ultralite, large
Orikaso Fold Flat Tableware
Halulite cutlery set

? Knifeless Fuse Leatherman (I'm keen to have some kind of Useful Tool, but am worried that, even with no knife, this would still get confiscated)?
Folding Scissors (These also may get confiscated in my first security line, but they only cost $2.00, so it's not a huge loss)
Small compass - for orienting myself to maps
LED headlamp
modest amount of duct tape wrapped around tiny core
? deck of cards / dice ?
? buff ? (They seem like a good idea, but I have one now and almost never use it.)
safety pins
elastic bands
empty ziploc bags, various sizes
? GSRED business cards? (I thought it would be good to have some cards with the blog address and my email address to make it easier to give out to people I meet.)

digital camera, Canon SD1000
camera case, Lowepro Apex 5W
spare camera battery, battery charger
12 x 2GB SD Cards for camera memory
mini USB cable for camera
plug adapter
Eee PC 901, with charger and padded sleeve
A-Data 16GB SDHC card for extra Eee PC storage
8GB USB Drive, Sandisk Cruzer
iPod Nano, 4GB
charger for iPod and other USB devices (if any)
headphones, Creative EP-630
Palm Centro GSM Cell Phone / PDA (unlocked)
Case for Palm Centro

? External hard drive ?

Phew. Big List. Have I missed something important? Chime in!


Anonymous said...

Razor.. get rid of it. Start waxing now. Amazing time saver- not that expensive.

J and D said...

Get the chacos! Much less smelly than tevas, I find. And you can wear them right into the shower to wash them. I wear mine to coach rugby in, that's how comfy they are, and how well they stay on your feet through activity.

Heather Moore said...

Nix the ice breaker tshirt. If it's itchy now imagine how itchy it will be when you have nothing else to wear. I find the Icebreaker really itchy too - I know they say it's not supposed to be but they lie.

Also - this is just me - but I'd bring an additional shirt for sleeping in. ;) If you can. Gives your clothes a bit of a break as it were.

Anonymous said...

Ditto on the extra shirt for sleeping in; and it can be handy to have something to wear when you decide it's time to wash EVERYTHING in a machine for a change. Re long-sleeved shirt: this is simplistic, but have you looked at men's shirts? North Face, Ex Officio and Kathmandu make shirts in similar styles for men & women, and I've noticed men's shirts always have longer sleeves than women's shirts of the same size. Not saying guys are orangutans, mind you....

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