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Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Those are my hockey skates, hanging up both literally and figuratively.

I played my last game as a Hockey Bag on Sunday afternoon (a team name I did not choose, but which - I have to admit - has grown on me). It was a tough game - we played really hard and really well, but the end was bitter. The officiating was odd all game - many many more borderline penalties were called than we're used to, but we killed them all. Then, with my team leading 2-1, there was an extended scrum in front of our net. It was the kind of play that's normally whistled down quite quickly so that's what we were expecting. Instead, the ref let things continue until one of the opposing players poked the puck in over the line. It was the game-tying goal, and we felt really ripped off about it. And because of the way our league structures playoff games, we weren't even allowed the usual 5 minute sudden death overtime period. It was a frustrating and maddening way to end the season.

Despite the ending, though, it was a pretty good year for the Hockey Bags . It was our third winter playing together, and we finally managed to win a few games and have a bit more fun doing it. None of us is being scouted for the Canadian Women's Olympic team or anything, but at least we didn't end the season at the bottom of the lowest division in the league again. I don't feel like I had a great year - since I started running hockey has taken a back seat a lot of the time. And this year I've been distracted by the trip planning and all the work that's going in to that. I managed just 7 points in 21 games, and a lot of the time I had trouble getting motivated.

And that's it for me and hockey until don't know when. It's another ending, and more good byes. It feels like everything these days is don't-know-whens and last-ofs and endings and goodbyes, and I know this is going to keep up for the next two months.

Good things are happening too, but they're all kind of abstract and most are still in the future. What dominates my life right now are monumental life-changing things like the hiring of my replacement at work, and my house going up for sale. These go along with the smaller, but still significant things like the last hockey game, and it's all a bit overwhelming.

Anyways... is anyone in the market for some extra-sweaty, 15-year old hockey equipment? Going cheap! My lovely purple-and-teal socks and Hockey Bags jersey will go back to the team, to be passed on to whomever they deem worthy to fill the skates of #9, but if you're looking for a beat-up red helmet or half a roll of sock tape, let's talk.

And to my fellow Hockey Bags, here are a few things to remember:

  • Look where you're passing.
  • It's never a bad idea to shoot.
And of course, in hockey as in life:

"Keep yer stick on the ice!"


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