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Monday, January 3, 2011

One other thing… I’ve decided to have a very small number of photos from the trip printed up on stretched canvas.  And I’m finally going to settle in somewhere properly by hanging things on the walls. But as you can imagine picking six photos out of more than 12,000 is a daunting task.  So I’ve narrowed it down a bit – here are my thoughts about good options.  Please let me know what you think.  Or point me back to favourites you might have seen in the Flickr feed that I’ve long ago forgotten about.

In the order in which they were taken:

Woman on the road, Suzdal

The Grand Canal, Venice

View from the Galata Bridge, Istanbul

Old Man in a sunny spot, Jerusalem

Jerusalem Man
Old Man in a sunny spot close up, Jerusalem

The Dead Sea with chairs, Israel

Kampala Kids
Kids, Kampala

Fish market, Stone Town, Zanzibar

Good luck charm, Delhi

Carpet weaver, Agra

Boatman, Varanasi 

Old Man, Bahkatpur

Soldier, Beijing

Monk at work, Luang Prabang

Young monks, Luang Prabang

Tourist maiko, Kyoto

Tatami Mat Man, Takayama


Heather Moore said...

the Grand Canal one hands down.

Second would be the chairs in the Dead Sea.

Very cool!

Anonymous said...

I choose IMG_8644 (at Victoria Falls). I think it reflects one of the most powerful memories you have of your trip.

Of the ones in your post, I would choose the children, because I remember the impact they had on you when you were writing.

narr (Who read every word.)

Phoebe said...


This place does a good job, but I am not sure if they ship to the UK. But if it is a cheaper option then what is available in the UK, I am sure that someone from the US could ship to you.

My choices would be young monks in Luang Prabang, and there are many shots from Varanasi that would be good. But, I would go with some colorful shots, those look best when put on a stretched canvas.

Mitch said...

These look like they were pulled from National Geographic magazines!

My 6 votes in order of preference:
Old man in Jerusalem - further back
Monk at work
Kids in Kampala
Tourist Maiko

Hon. Mention: The other 11,994 pics! Very tough choices indeed.


My .02$

Phonella said...

Oh boy such a task to pick from these (or any of your wonderful pictures). My take is different but the choice of course is really yours. In order of preference:

boatman varanasi
kids in kampala
good luck charm delhi
young monks
soldier beijing
carpet weaver, agra

Karen said...

My picks.....though I love them all.

Woman - Suzdal

Old Man in a sunny spot, Jerusalem (I think I like the sunny spot in the far away photo better than the close up)

Boatman, Varanasi

Old Man, Bahkatpur

Soldier, Beijing

Young monks, Luang Prabang

Tourist maiko, Kyoto

I truly love them all. As I mentioned before I think Venice and Istanbul are worthy of being larger prints all by themselves....they are both stunning photos.

I picked the people pics. I think the non-people pics are a whole other decision!


Unknown said...

Not even one of YOU?

I remember there were a bunch of shots of you with a big grin.

You gotta include at least a couple of the main character.


Craig said...

They are all great photographs. No question. I would spend cash money on the view from the Galata Bridge, the "far away" shot of the old man in a sunny spot, and the carpet weaver in Agra.

I also really like the shots of the monks, the Delhi good luck charm, and the Beijing soldier - partly because I'd really love that hat.

Kathryn said...

I love them all - just not the fish guts. I don't think you want to be looking at that larger than life while you eat your beans on toast.

travel agents said...

Great photographs!

Colleen said...

Hi Pam:

My top two are the old man in Jerusalem (the longer shot for the lovely sun/shadow effect) and the good luck charm from Delhi. I also like the Istanbul shot and the young Geisha and the boatman from Varanasa. I think it would be heatening to see those light shining on your wall each day.

I loved the story of the parcel's eventual arrival in Wpg too. Amazing!

Hug, ck

Anonymous said...

My picks are the long shot of the pold man in Jerusalem an the good luck charm because I love the colours.

David said...

I liked it here - Woman on the road, Suzdal

Scott said...

They're all great photos! But for printing on canvas I'd say the Grand Canal, good luck charm (great for a kitchen print) and the 3 young monks are my top 3 favs!

tomj said...

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Harry654 said...
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Mellisa Yager said...

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Brilliant!! :)

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