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Thursday, July 31, 2008

In case you're not familiar with blogs, here's an overview of how mine works: What you're reading right now is a single post called "Blog 101". The blog is made up of lots and lots of these posts which I'll write and publish on a semi-irregular schedule. There will be links which are highlighted like this. Click on them and you'll be directed away from the post to somewhere else. Click your browser's "Back" button and you'll come back here.

There will be photos like the one in the top left. If you click on the photos you'll be taken away from the blog to my Flickr page where you can see a better quality copy of the photo, download it if you want, and look at all my other public Flickr photos.

There might even be embedded videos, like this one I took waiting in the starting corral of the 112th Boston Marathon. Click on the play button and it should start playing (if your browser is compatible, and you had enough bandwidth to load it when the page loaded, and the various other gods of the internet are smiling on you). I'm not sure how often I'll post videos - they take a long time to upload to the blog, and there will be many instances when my internet connection won't be fast enough for this. Enjoy them when you get them. Videos are

At the bottom of each post there's a link you can click on to add a comment on that post. It's hard to miss - it says "Post a Comment". Click there and a new window will pop open where you can say things like, "Hey Pam, it sounds like you're having a great time in Morocco. Things here are great too, except it's been raining for 2 weeks and my canoe is leaking..." Please send lots of comments, it turns this blog into a two-way medium instead of just my lonely cry in the dark.

At the very top of the page is the black Blogger Bar (say that five times fast...). If you enter a search term in the box and click on "Search Blog", it'll show all the posts with your search term in them.

Next is the beautifully crafted Go See Run Eat Drink header image, which my friend Phonella and I spent many many hours on, so please take a moment to really look at it. It's quite lovely. Click anywhere on it and you'll be taken to the most recent post.

Just under the lovely header image is a menu bar with a bunch of buttons you can click on:
  • "Home" will take you to the most recent post.
  • "Welcome" will bring you to the first post - "Welcome to Go See Run Eat Drink".
  • "Blog 101" will bring you back to this post.
  • "Maps" will take you to the Google maps of my trip.
  • "Running Log" will take you to a spreadsheet detailing my running while I'm traveling.
  • "Links" will take you to a post with links to a lot of my favourite travel related websites.
Along the right hand side is the appropriately-named "sidebar". It's got:
  • My profile, with a little blurb.
  • My count-down clock, which is counting down to my estimated day and time of departure. Once I leave, it'll start counting up - keeping track of how long I've been on the road.
  • A tiny window into my Google map. You can pan and zoom inside this little window without even leaving the blog! Cool!
  • ADDED JUNE 5, 2009: "Last Known Location" - which will tell you the last place I was when I remembered to update you with the last place I was.
  • The Archives, where you can check out all my past posts. Click on the little triangle arrow to expand or collapse the archives for each month.
  • The Tag Cloud, which is an interactive view of all the different labels I've assigned to different posts. The more times a label has been used, the bigger it appears in the Tag Cloud. Click on any one of those words and you'll be taken to a page containing all the posts with that label.
  • My Flickr badge, with an ever-changing random selection of photos from my Flickr page. Click on any of those little pictures to go to the Flick page for that photo. Click on the text at the bottom of the badge to go to the main page for all my photos.
At the very bottom is the fine print, and an inspirational quote. There's also an image of my email address. It's not click-able. You'll have to actually remember it and type it into a message. This is so that nasty web-crawling spiders can't read my email address off the blog and inundate me with spam while I'm busy trying to upload photos, check my email, or watch Youtube videos of cute puppies or people attempting to jump over piles of derelict cars on skateboards.

And that's it. You're now fully educated in the architecture of my blog, so click around and check it out.

And thanks for coming.


Pam said...

This is what it looks like when someone adds a comment. Go ahead - try it! It won't hurt a bit!

Lisa said...

Ouch!!! I think I sprained my pinky typing this...;))))))))

Nope...didn't hurt a bit...this will be really cool...I look forward to my new vicarious life...

jst1203 said...

this is great Pam! Are you notified if someone leaves a comment?

Pam said...

Yes I am notified when someone leaves a comment. I get an email message that says "So-and-so commented on your post "Blah Blah Blah" and it gives me the content of the comment, so I don't even have to open the blog to read it!

Lin said...

Okay I'm gonna try it and see what happens but at the first twinge of pain I'm outta here. So far so good (for both of us apparently). Enjoy your run but go easy on the ale. After a 36+ hour day, a run and that adrenaline high the ale will hit you like a truck. Have a steak and kidney pud for me will ya? Well, that wasn't so bad..hope it works. L

Unknown said...

Really enjoying following your blog around the world Pam! I think it's damn cool what you're doing :)
Thanks for blogging and tweeting!

Jacqui (fellow RM-er Jacsprat)

Raz said...

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Raz Carcoana

Unknown said...

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