Gadget Lust

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Ok, Apple announced new iPods last week, including a new iPod Touch, now with dedicated volume control buttons AND A SPEAKER. This basically makes it my dream music player - lots of storage, proper audiobook stopping/starting, built-in speaker, easier volume control than the last version, integration with iTunes and its lovely podcast-catching abilities, Wifi email, beautiful web-browsing, the iTunes App store... all it really lacks is GPS naviagtion.

Of course the big downside is that if I were to take a device like this with me on the trip I might as well tattoo "Rich and Naive Western Tourist Here Please Steal My Stuff" on my forehead.

Also, I'd want a device like this to act as an alarm clock while I'm staying in hostels and stuff. So my fancy, expensive, tiny, desirable and easy-to-pocket device would be sitting there out in the open while I'm unconscious. How would that work? Not very well, I bet. At least not for long.


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