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Sunday, June 7, 2009

Ok, now that I'm (semi-) underway, I've made a couple of subtle changes to the blog, and am contemplating a larger one.

1. Astute GSRED readers may already have noticed a new heading in the sidebar to the right, titled "Last Known Location". As you might expect, this lists my last known location on the globe. Or, to be more accurate, the last place I was when I remembered to update the was place I was.

2. Particularly astute GSRED readers may have noticed that the map in the sidebar is now showing a sporty new RED line, AND it's centred on my Last Known Location, instead of being stuck hovering over Winnipeg. I decided to leave the original blue line, because it was kind of a pain to build in the first place, and because I thought it might be nice to see what I thought would happen, compared to the red line which, of course, represents what has actually happened.

3. Astoundingly astute GSRED readers may even have noticed that the countdown clock skipped beat a little while ago, since I revised it to reflect my actual departure time from the Calgary airport, en route to Chicago, and then connecting to London Heathrow! I've left it in local time, because I couldn't be bothered to figure out what it would be in GMT.

4. Finally, once I actually arrive in London and have a chance to get online, I'll adjust the countdown clock so it will start counting up, adding up the number of days, hours, minutes and seconds I've been traveling.

Now for the other possible change I'm considering: Twitter. Those of you on Facebook may have noticed that I haven't updated my status since, er... January... so maybe I shouldn't be adding to my online To Do list, but it seems like Twitter may be a Useful Thing. A few people have commented that one of the good things about the blog will be that when they see new post, they'll know that I'm ok. However, there may be long stretches of time when I'm not able to post anything new (23-day overland tour through Africa, anyone?). However, I can update Twitter with a text message on my cell phone, which I plan to keep active by buying local SIM cards as I travel.

I think I can add a Twitter window to the sidebar of the blog so that even if there isn't a new post, there might be a quick 140 character update to satiate the addicts in the crowd, if only briefly. The trick will be in finding a gadget for the blog that doesn't ruin the lovely asthetic we've got going on here, and that I can implement without Phonella standing over my shoulder coaching me through it.

I've gone ahead and created a Twitter account, called "goseeruneatdrnk". Note at the "i" in "drink" is missing, because Twitter will not allow a 16-character account name. That was almost enough to make me scrap the whole plan...

So what do you think? Should I tweet, or should I just go have fun and let you guys stew between posts? Comments, please.


Unknown said...

I think you should Go and Have Fun but send Tweet updates when there's something you want to share with those of us who are keeping an eye on your wicked journey. Have an absolute blast Pam. You've inspired me to see the future as non-linear. Thank you.

Gillian said...

I'm not a Twitter fan. Never seen the point - although I also signed up. You seem to have a use for it though - I think you should give it a shot and see if it works for you. If it doesn't, you can scrap it.

And, although I thought I was an astute GSRED fan, I'm ashamed to admit that I didn't notice the red line or the change in countdown. I did, however, notice the 'last known location' addition. I like the red and blue lines - good to see where spontinaeity (sp?) got the better of you!


Karen said...

Love the red line vs blue line. The planned trip versus the reality of the moment, because we know everything won't go exactly as planned. ;-)

I think you should try tweeting. This is only because I'm not one that likes to stew in my worry and you know very well it is exactly what I will do.

One week right now you will be in air!

Mitch said...

All about the Twitter! Gonna be huge! Great way to throw things out like "Just bought a felafel off the guy in front of the pyramids" Huge vote FOR in the twitter campaign

Chris said...

Twitter it up!!

Jo said...

Another vote for Twitter!

Anonymous said...

Just wanted to send a huge good luck and have fun to you before you head out. I am loving the blog and although I don't generally see the point in people with normal lives twittering, you will not be having a normal life for the next year.
Twitter away!

Steven G.

Mitch said...

Sounds to me like the "tweets" have it. ..... Sorry, couldn't resist

Lisa said...

Tweet! Tweet!

A. said...

You can add an app on facebook which feeds your tweets onto your Facebook profile so those who FB but do not tweet can be assured of your safety as well.

Best of luck on your venture! I am living vicariously through you for now. :)

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