Easing into it.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

I finally crawled into bed at about midnight after a very nice evening with the London Hash House Harriers. Woke up when Alessandro's alarm went off at 9am, and rolled down for the free breakfast in the hostel common room - toast and cornflakes. They also had cornflakes and toast. Or toast and toast. However, it was free, and enough to get me going.

Went down to Westminster bridge to do a little Rick Steves walking tour from there up to Trafalgar Square, expecting to have a quietish little walk. Of course the place was crawling with tourists, which I was stupidly surprised by. Ironically, I've realized I am really not fond of tourists. They crowd all over the place and take pictures and are loud. Naturally I am NOT a tourist. I am, er, a TRAVELER.

Traveler Pam and the Houses of Parliament

I took a quick video I took of my 360 degree view from Westminster bridge, about which I tweeted this morning, but either Flickr or Firefox does not like me today, so you don't get the video. Instead, here are some more shots of today:

Big Ben!

Horse Guard on Whitehall

Cecil's Court, off Charing Cross Road, full of neat book shops

Greek carvings at the British Museum. Apparently most Greeks of this era had no heads.

So I had a walk, and a picnic lunch, and I took a brief turn through the British Museum, but I will definitely be going back. Like I said, I'm easing into it. Now I'm off for another night of hashing, this time in The City. Tomorrow night, a show.


Mitch said...

I was going to say "Really, a show?", you just quit theatre, and "a show". But then I saw the cast.........
Wow, have fun at the show!

Heather Moore said...

oh fun! Great pictures! So enjoying seeing London! That play looks fantastic.

Viv said...


Anonymous said...

I can't believe you took the same picture of Big Ben, standing in exactly the same spot as I did last year, must be in the genes.


Unknown said...

I love it, your first two pictures are identical to the ones I took when I was there on layover from Spain. Although I'm sure a traveler like you didn't have to pay 100 pounds in pick pocket fees for your picture of Big Ben.

Mom said...

I'm really liking being able to keep up with you on the blog and glad to know that you've arrived safely (it's a mom thing)!

FYI: Bridge City Boogie 10k in 76:37 (only 37 seconds over the goal and without a watch which died just as we were warming up for the run.

Give the British rellies a hug from me.

Unknown said...

Great to keep up with you. Patrick Stewart... wow... what a fantastic actor. Have some bubble and squeak for me!

Anonymous said...

Cecil Court still has book & map stores? sweet! Don't forget the manuscript room at the British Museum....last time I looked it had everything from the Lindisfarne Gospels to Jane Austen's final draft of (I think) Northanger Abbey. Awesome.
Have fun in Londinium!

Jill said...

I highly recommend the show Wicked. We saw it in October and were on the edge of our seats the whole time!

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