Pick of Pics: More Scottish Signs

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

"Sweet and Sour Haggis our specialty!" (Fort William)

And if sweet and sour isn't what you fancy.... (Stirling)

And exactly what kind of combat does someone with a 52" waist engage in? Agressive smothering? (Glasgow)

Seriously? (Falkirk)


Mitch said...

I think you might need a section of GSRED that is purely dedicated to great/funny/ironic signs you see around the world!
These are great.

Lisa said...

We'll have to direct Andrea to this...

Loving the twitter updates, and loving the blog. I feel like I am there Pam!!

Unknown said...

Haggis goes with/on/in everything. Bet you're missing it now you're in Ireland eh!

I do agree you need to add to your (admittedly excellently architected) blog site so that the funny pix don't get lost in the old posts... tho maybe that's what flickr's for... hmmm ... Hope you're having fun!

Unknown said...

I guess every town should have a Lucky Ho! lol... love the blog, just love it. It's my year long novel read.

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