Three things the British do well

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

A short post, submitted with great affection:

1. Cream: Apparently if it can't be sliced, it's not actually cream. Clever cows.

2. Queuing: If there's anything Brits do well, it's queuing. ("Standing in line" for those not fluent in the jargon). I feel like any self-respecting Brit would not pass up a chance to queue even if he didn't know what he was queuing for. Of course the flipside to this is that queue-jumping (cutting in line) is a social crime on par with serial murder and should be met with a fitting response, as noted below:

3. Restrained Expressions of Disapproval: Despite the gravity of an offense like queue-jumping (which might be a cause for handgun crime in the US) a serious incident here may elicit a raised eyebrow or, in the most extreme cases, a muttered, "Tut". Only the most flagrant violations will cause the average Brit to move from "miffed" to "peeved", and may even force him to murmur something like "Well that's just not cricket." before shaking his head slowly and exchanging a raised eyebrow with the person next to him.

I really like this country.


Heather Moore said...

oooh I didn't even think of the clotted cream/Devon cream! How could I not think of that? Lucky you!

Really enjoying the blog.

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