Saturday, August 15, 2009

A very short, very sad post. This morning I managed to break the screen on my beloved Eee PC 901*. I can still plug it in to an external monitor, but in a shocking lapse of forethought I have failed to pack an external monitor with me, so that is small comfort.

Consultation with a friendly Danish computer shop confirms that a repair is possible if I would like to wait 2 weeks and pay more than the cost of a new machine, so I'm in the market for something new.

Suggestions are welcome, since I'm considering upgrading to something with a large internal hard drive. The current best contender is the Eee PC 1000HE, which is bigger and heavier (yuck!), but has even better battery life than the 901,and a bigger screen (yay!). I'd also loveto hear suggestions on how to get find something with an English operating system. Or how to have something shipped to myself when I have no fixed address. (I'm thinking hashers can help here, again.)

Needless to say, it's been a crappy day here at GSRED. And of course you get no pictures. Oh, and it's rainy here today, which only adds to the general level of misery. Suddenly, home seems very far away.

*Let's not get into how it happened. We'll just say that I was careless, and if I could get Superman to fly my little computer around the world backwards, I would be more careful next time.


Unknown said...

Pam I feel for you, I once had a "let's not talk about how I was careless" accident with a PocketPC that I won't soon forget. Let me know if I can help you with anything!

Phonella said...

First thought -- when I lived in Germany I absolutely could not buy any pc with an English language operating system. I did buy an exhorbitantly priced pda and had it shipped from England. And I finally ended up purchasing a laptop with a German operating system which I totally and absolutely regretted.

Robert Hamilton said...

If you need me to buy you an nice English speaking Canadian computer and UPS it to you, I would be glad to. Let me know.

Rob H.

Sometimes known as Robbie.

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