More weird food for Holland

Thursday, August 27, 2009

A quick post, to introduce a couple of the other weird foods I sampled while in Holland.

1. Kroket: These generally seem to be offered from “vending wall” apparatus / shops that are most popular late a night. Here’s a look at the one I tried, in the train station at Rotterdam:

Insert coins, open door, retrieve "food"

The kroket I had was $1.40 and looked like a big, fat, breaded hotdog with no bun. It turned out that the outer breading enclosed a completely textureless ooze of grey-ish brown matter that tasted like a combination of liver and gravy, and had the consistency of baby food. It’s probably best when consumed drunk. And I can’t figure out how they get the breading on that stuff because it really has no structure at all. It would be like trying to spread icing on a bowl of soup.

2. Patatje Oorlog: Far superior to the kroket. Patatje oorlag is fresh, hot fries*, topped with mayonnaise, a warm satay-like peanut sauce and finely chopped onion. God. Sooooo good. If I had regular access to patatje oorlog it wouldn’t be long before they were knocking a hole in the wall of my apartment building to allow the forklift to retrieve my grotesquely bloated corpse. I mean honestly, fries and mayonnaise and peanut sauce? I’m surprised they don’t come with a syringe of lard to inject directly into your butt.

* Or “chips” if you must, or “hot chips” if you’re Australian.


Steve said...

I'm glad that I suggested a "weird food" thing... At least it will give you something to do... :)


Ian Timshel said...

Fine form girl. Sheesh... laughing hard!

Scott said...

You should have Bitterballen while you are in the Netherlands. It's similar to Chrochet's but in a small ball. They're breaded and usually filled with meat (veal traditionally) and potatoes with spices, and served with a mustard.

It's pretty much a treat during Christmas for all Dutch, and my Oma would spend days making it for boxing day celebrations with 40 people in the house. It's good stuff! We had some when we were just in Amsterdam and it was pretty darn good.


Lisa said...

I feel like I am travelling with you without all the lugging of bags, stressing about languages, and kicking strange men out of my bed...;))))

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